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How did you envision the prequels?
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18-Oct-2007, 11:15 AM
I certainly pictured them quite differently and figured the OT laid the groundwork for them. This is what I envisioned.

Episode 1:
-Anakin would be at least 15 years old.
-There would be no Qui-Gonn character. Obiwan would fulfill that role as he was supposed to.
-Anakin would be the best star pilot in the galaxy
-There would be some kind of falling out between Owen and Obiwan and they'd actually establish a relationship between Owen and Anakin.
-he starts to get trained in the force

Episode 2:
-Anakin meets Padme
-he is a full fledged Jedi
-The Clone wars are fought
-it ends with Anakin being captured by his enemy

Episode 3:
-The Clone wars continue, Anakin has been a prisoner of war for several months. He was tortured and feels betrayed that his fellow comrades didn't find him right away
-The Emperor sees that Anakin is starting to become disillusioned with the Jedi and uses that to turn him to the dark side
-Padme survives childbirth and agrees with Obiwan to live on Alderaan with Leia and the Organas. She also makes the painful decision to let Luke live on Tatooine (realizing that separating her children would make them safer)

how did everyone else picture the PT?