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Transformers The Movie: Resparked (Released)
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15-Oct-2007, 3:13 PM
Finally someone's doing this. A few humble suggestions:

Bay did a great directing job. Where the movie needed help was in the writing department. the lines suck. period. Hardly worthy of the name transformers. Beast wars had better writing than this.

The glasses stuff, garbage.

Allspark and its magical abilities, garbage. It's straight out of the 80s though, but come on...

Sector 7. snnnnnnnnnnnnnore

Am I shallow? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz -_- What is this, the OC?

Honestly who cares about boring details like that that had nothing to do with the cartoon? Can't we just have it be as simple as the show in which the transformers crash land on earth and continue their war there? good grief.

I'd cut out the batman begins music from megatron's awakening. It's just too distracting.

All the pointless humor has to go. Mojo, Bernie Mac and Cheese, Mama's Alligators, my bad etc...

If the movie took itself more seriously like spielberg tends to do, it'd have been a billion times better.

As for the writing, this'll be a huge challenge... since it can't be re-written. I have a big problem with the throw-away "ebay" line. Not only is it blatant advertising, but it's just too ridiculous. We don't get much else to explain why the autobots and decepticons are there in the first place besides that? lame. I believe we need to perhaps have sam discover bumblebee by chance, not by bumblebee's decision to be bought by sam for no reason. That takes care of the ebay nonsense. But how do the autobots learn about sam's glasses... Oh of course.... make it so that sam's name is connected through his great grandfather, but not necessarily because of some glasses. It's just info available in cyberspace. Optimus' comment about learning through the web will take care of the rest...

that should work.