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Son of the Dragon
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Help: looking for... Where to find these edits?
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13-Oct-2007, 4:55 PM
Originally posted by: (the name in first name area is my nickname)
Hi! I'm new here, but that's not important. I need er "want" (whatever) the links for the following: Episode 1 "'9000' saga" edit (DL DVD ready) , Episode 2 "'9000' saga" edit (AVI), Edisode 2 "Adigitalman" edit (AVI), Clone wars "Adigitalman" edit (DL DVD ready), Episode 5 "Adigitalman" edit (DL DVD ready), Episode 6 "Adigitalman" edit (DL DVD ready), "'9000' saga" episode 1 dvd cover (whatever it's called) (if it exists),and a detailed step by step instructions on how to make a dvd cover. You can PM me these if you have too. You can also pm me invitation codes. I won't download Episode 4 "Adigitalman/darth editous hybrid" edit (DL DVD ready) until Adigitalman confirms if he will use version 3 of Darth editous' edit, and if he does, Where is the first place to find these edits? Sorry if I'm being rude or am doing something wrong. One reason for the making of this topic is simple, I REALLY DON'T LIKE USENET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *calms down* Sorry, it's just too hard to manuver. I don't have any knowladge of it. Can somebody PLEASE torrent these? Another reason I made this thread is so I can check for the edit's I want without having to look in multible threads. Thanks and if I am doing something against the fourm rules, tell me.

He has been positively ID'ed as Zigfried.