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30-Sep-2007, 11:00 PM
Originally posted by: Bobocop
It certainly isn't any more nitpicky than fixing the speed of the receding "STAR WARS" at the beginning, which has already been done.
Of course, if adywan doesn't do anything to the crawl I doubt it will ruin the movie for anyone. But with all the other stuff that's being tinkered with, why not fix that as well?

This is the difference. I can see the Star Wars logo flying away unnaturally fast compared to the other films. That allignment problem or whatever it is is not something I noticed until you drew those red lines, and is something I don't notice when I watch the film. Adywan has improved and fixed things he notices and we notice when we watch the film. This is something most people only notice when they pause the film, and draw red lines across the words. Adywan's goal was to fix and improve many things. All the other stuff adywan has done improves something within its context. When he adds a stormtrooper it is to make for a more complex background, or when he enhances a shot it is to add more complkexity or smooth a jump out or fix a continuity error. If he fixes the alignment or whatever the problem is does it in anyway improve what the crawl is saying? It doesn't becaue the crawl's alignment is not effecting the message it is trying to convey. This is not teh same as a continuity error that pulls me out of the film, or a jump cut or a bland background. This is just a crawl.

Also, most of the stuff that adywan has fixed is stuff that now that I know it is there I notice it everytime I watch the film. This crawl thing is somethign that even though you have mentioned it, I want notice it when I watch the film.

adywan, if you want to fix it then go ahead. I am not mad that people want it fixed. I am just amazed that some people notice stuff like this. It is no wonder some can not enjoy the films when they worry about stuff like that.

My oppinion on this matter could be do to the fact that I skip the crawls most of the time. I know what they say so I don't need to watch them again. There whole purpose is to give a little back story. I don't need to watch them again, because I already know what they say. And some might say that new fans need to watch them, well, of course they do, but if someone that has never seen the films watches them then they are going to be focusing on the what is being said not the allignment.