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Prequelize the OT
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29-Sep-2007, 7:18 PM
some more....

Star Wars ("A NEW HOPE")

Vader: I've been waiting for you my former master. Seeing you in person has brought back painful memories of your betrayal. How could you leave me out there on Mustafar?

They start fighting.....

Obiwan: Well, my former apprentice, you were trying to kill me. Yoda and I had decided that the Sith must be destroyed. You were a Sith, hence with much reluctance, I left you out there to burn into hot ash. I must say, I never expected you to survive.

(Meanwhile, the Obiwan/Anakin duel music from RoTS starts booming in the background)

Vader: I told you not to underestimate my powers! Now you're just a brittle old man and I am the master.

Obiwan: Only a master of eville Darth.

Vader: From my point of view the Jedi are evil!

Obiwan: Spare me your twisted logic, ANI.

Vader: Don't call me that!

Obiwan: Ah yes, that's right, Lord VADER.

Vader: Your midicholorian count is weak old man.

Obiwan: You can't win. If you strike me down, I will live on as a spirit in the force and guide along my newest apprentice, whose name I cannot reveal at this point. But if I kill you, you will not continue to live as a Sith spirit. See, the Emperor didn't tell you that Jedi could do that. Jedi can live forever. Sith cannot!

Vader: You LIAR!

Obiwan: Me a liar? How about the Emperor? He promised you that you could save Padme from dying. Did it happen? Did it? Huh? I WATCHED her die of a broken heart. And it was all because of YOU!!!!!!!!!


Luke comes running.

Luke: Ben?

Obiwan raises his lighsaber and Vader kills him.

Luke: NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vader: That kid sounds like me. I wonder who he is.