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Prequelize the OT
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29-Sep-2007, 6:58 PM
LOL, the prequels really WERE talky!!!

Originally posted by: vote_for_palpatine
To understand what this thread is about, I reference A Digital Man's "prequelized" treatment of the following scene in ROTJ:

Original Scene

LUKE: Your overconfidence is your weakness.

EMPEROR: Your faith in your friends is yours.

A Digital Man, channelling George Lucas circa 2004:

"Luke, you are destined to join the dark side of the force and become a Sith like your father became a Sith before you. Only together can we discover the mystery of how to bring your mother back to life. But to do that you must first kill your father, just as he killed children in order to become strong in the Force. Only then will you be strong enough in the dark side to save your dead mother's life."

"I do not agree with the logic behind your statement, Your Highness. From my point of view that is an evil statement. Soon I will be dead and you will also be dead, and my father will also be dead. You both will be dead along with me. We all will be dead together. Your overconfidence in your plan to lure me to the dark side and have me kill my father to take his place because of the psychological issues with me not knowing my parents growing up while you have had a vision of the future, which is always in motion anyway, is your weakness."

"Your faith in the good side of the Force, and that it will not only protect you but also your friends as they execute their battle plans on the moon below us is yours."

Now that we have context, feel free to use this thread to prequelize the OT! Spare no words! Make GL proud!

LUKE: "The Force"? You mentioned something called "The Force" - since you also mentioned that you used to be a Jedi Knight, as my father, whom I have never met, though I wish I had, also once was - in connection with your fomer status as a Jedi Knight, it would then seem that a Jedi Knight, which you and my father once were, has knowledge of this "Force". I would know more of this "Force" you speak of, Ben.

OBI-WAN: The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. When your father and I were Jedi together, we relied on the Force to give us power - as did all the other Jedi. The Force is an energy field, created by all living things, related in some indeterminate way to microorganisms called midichlorians. The Force surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together - and when I say "us", I refer not only to you and I, but to all living things which create the Force.

LUKE: I've lost Artoo, my on-board astromech droid! A pursuing Imperial fighter was firing upon my X-Wing and struck Artoo - now it appears he's inoperative! If the pursuing Imperials strike a vital system on my X-Wing, I now have no way to repair it, thus making me more vulnerable to further attacks!

VADER: I have you now! Your ship has entered into the optimal zone of my targeting computer, which allows me to fire upon you with great accuracy. In just a matter of moments, I will have destroyed your ship, whoever you are! Wait a second, where are those blasts coming from? My wingman has just been destroyed...but all the other Rebel ships have been accounted for! I'm confused!

HAN: Yahoo! Wow! Yippee! No one thought I'd come back to help, as I had previously made it very clear to everyone involved in the Rebel Alliance that I am allied to money, not causes! I hope my hooting and hollering has strengthened your resolve, Luke! Now that my diversionary tactics have succeeded, fire your proton torpedoes upon the thermal exhaust port as mentioned in the tactical briefing by General Dodonna, and we can all return to a safe place - "home", if you will!

LUKE: (firing) This is tense!

TARKIN: (to no one in particular) In seconds, the Rebel Base will be destroyed! Ha ha haaaa!