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Prequelize the OT
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28-Sep-2007, 6:53 PM
Originally posted by: CO
Han is about to go into Carbonite:

Leia: Han...............

Vader (steps in): Wait, is that C3PO on Chewbacca? Hey everyone, I built that guy, what did you guys do to him?

C3PO: It's the maker! How are you doing Ani?

Vader: Could be better, I am alittle burnt, and I am about to freeze my future son-in-law

Leia: Your freezing my boyfriend, you are about to fight my brother, and you choked my mom, you bastard!

Chewy: (Growls) I'll bring Yoda here, we have good relations!

Boba: (Jumps in the mix) These stormtroopers do not sound like me?

Han: Cause it is the OOT version, you weren't the clone template yet!

Vader: Put him in carbon freeze, and Boba, no one is interested about you pre-ESB!

Leia: Han......I love you!

Han: (He is about to say I know) when he has a change of heart, "You are in my very soul Leia, tormenting me, I can't breathe....."

C3PO: That is cause it is so damn cold in here, give me back to my rightful owner.

That was very funny!