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31-Aug-2007, 12:54 PM
Originally posted by: ADigitalMan
Leviticus' Law condemns homosexuality, sex with a woman having her period, dissing your parents, cutting your sideburns, eating pork and shellfish, crop rotation, and wearing shirts woven from two different materials. I'll readily admit that I've only managed to stay away from the first thing in that list. I suspect I'm not alone on this board. So until we all acknowledge these as sins and stop each of them, we're in the same boat as the gays, heading fast down the River Styx to Hades. Or maybe we can take comfort in the notion that even though each of us sins in different ways, we are all offered the gift of grace that is a deep, personal connection each of us can make with God. We don't have to be perfect, just forgiven.

You're forgetting that Leviticus law doesn't apply to Christians. Christ himself condemned homosexuality. We still follow the 10 commandments though since they're a basic set of rules that tell you how to act and how to worship.

Most churches only throw stones when they hear about homosexuals wanting to do certain things without acknowledging their sin and praying for forgiveness. Many of those same churches will gladly accept homosexuals that stop being homosexual. That doesn't mean they have to start dating someone or get married and have kids, it just means they need to stop being gay/lesbian.

I really wish people would stop harping on Leviticus law as the be all and end all. If you read further (some history beyond the Bible), you'll find that a lot of those laws were in place to protect the Israelites. Take the pork and shellfish as an example. They did not have the capabilities to properly clean that type of food, so it was a lot easier to just tell them not to eat it then it was to explain to them how to clean it (even though they couldn't). Hell, even now, in some places in the world, if you don't fully cook your pork products, you can get worms and diseases. Thankfully we've eradicated it (at least in the US). And that's just one example.

Christ's sacrifice did away with all that. The only thing that still applies is the 10 commandments.