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Commander Courage
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The legendary "Starkiller Ranch" Thread
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1-Aug-2007, 4:56 PM
Originally posted by: Saintheart
Ah, so here's where everyone is!

Just a brief remark on the 'end duels' -- aside from saying they work really, really well even at a rough cut stage, there's one note that struck me. I realise the reasons it was done, and you've got Obi-Wan's remark that "I will do what I must" to justify it, but Obi taking out Anakin's legs when Anakin was trying to save his own life is actually on a bar for sheer low-blow value as leaving the poor bugger to burn was. I mean, wow, that takes the phrase "attack of opportunity" to a whole new level.

On the other hand, thinking about it, I actually like it. Obi-Wan's not portrayed as a complete goody-two-shoes through the movies anyway; after all, he does wind up terminating a lot of sentient beings. It just had a big impact, that's all.

Interesting observation. I'm glad it had that unexpected impact; obviously being the editor that kind of "surprise" is lost on me as I look over the footage for the thousandth time.

I've got another clip for you guys, this time focusing on Anakin's return to Coruscant after the crash of the Invisible Hand:

The edits here are veyr subtle, and I wanted them to be. I think the scene plays much more effectively now.