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Commander Courage
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The legendary "Starkiller Ranch" Thread
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27-Jul-2007, 2:10 AM
An overview of my edits:
-Dooku's jump is no longer a front flip, rather a straight jump downwards.
-The "He's a Sith Lord" exchange is cut. I suppose it was meant to be ironic, but I didn't like it.
-If I knew how to rip video off the Episode III game I would have inserted Dooku's extended line, just to give him more dialogue. As it stands though, I like the placing of "I've been looking forward..."
-All of the cutaways to Palpatine are gone.
-Dooku no longer crushes Obi-Wan with the catwalk; it tests believability. If he really did that Obi-Wan would be seriously injured. This creates a slight continuity problem when Anakin goes to check on him, but I think it's worth it.
-Anakin silently ponders whether to "Kill him now," as Palpatine suggests. This is far more effective than "I shouldn't" and "Do it!" So much for subtlety, eh George?