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Lord of the Rings...what's the deal?
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13-Jan-2004, 2:19 PM

Originally posted by: Mr.Coffee
I still don't get it. I am so tired of watching 'battle of the Orcs'! All three movies are the same. People say "you have to read the books" but I don't feel a movie has to be justified by reading the book. A movie should stand on it's own. I feel 85% of these movies have pointless plot lines, characters and fx. Isn't the story about getting the ring from A to B? The so called 'love triangle' thing was weak and had no meaning the story what-so-ever. As did most other characters. These movies are very predictable, and it takes forever for an event to happen! GET ON WITH IT! I don't mean to sit here and bash these movies. But I don't see what all the hype is about. Vissually, they are great. But that doesn't make a movie. Yes they were well acted, but that doesn't make the story any better. I feel they were over written and crammed with too much nothingness. (travell in this environment - fight orcs. - change environments - fight orcs. - repeat. - stray from this to listening to talking trees for an hour while waiting for them to do-in "Dooku" - fight more orcs - listen to elves talk about who know what - fight orcs - oh wait, Frodo has the ring and is still getting nowhere - fight orcs -) OK I'll stop there. I think the moral of the story is HOBBITS ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS AND SHOULD BE LEFT ALONE.

I know I am pissing a lot of people off, I'm sorry. But, I DON'T GET IT!

Well, I am going to have to side with Mr. Coffe on this one. Although visually stunning, I also found that the pace of the movies took way to long and I felt like I was watching a different version of the same movie with each one. (I guess thats what it was) Also, the dialogue was difficult to understand, especially gollum. I actually was dozing off during ROTK in the theater. As far as the female appeal, I agree because my wife is nuts over the flicks. She is trying to catch me in number of viewings of the OT. Like that will ever happen!!
All of that being said, I can also say that I was never a big fan of the books either. Read them in junior high, tried to read them again as an adult and lost interest. Just my opinion though, albeit a minority one. I also think a lot of people have jumped on the LOTR bandwagon, seeing it as the cool, hip thing.