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Dawn Of The Dead Ultimate Edition Volume 2-UPDATE Discs 1-4 (Released)
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6-Jun-2007, 3:44 PM
perfectfuture - indeed I had no idea that it was your original disc and would have happily given you due credit.

However, judging from your initial postings I'm presuming the "you can make it up to me some way" would be financial - or that you'd request payment for those future items you're referring to, should that be the case I'll politely decline.

However if you are interested in the project (which if you hang around here for any length of time you'll realise no money *ever* changes hands) then you'd be welcome to send me a PM - ensure your PM's are switched on in your profile and we'll talk and see what we can do. If you've seen the disc itself you'll have my email too and realise that it's not just your items that are featured on the disc itself.

This is all by the fans for the fans.