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This year belongs to STAR WARS
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25-May-2007, 4:52 PM
Originally posted by: sunday256
"Tyrant" is a bit overly dramatic don't you think? Irregardless, I'm glad I got to see Star Wars on the big screen in '77. I was certainly lucky.

Originally posted by: Wesyeed
Not the special editions

Not the Prequels

Not even the VHS version with "a new hope" added.

This year belongs to a movie I never got the pleasure to see in a theater and because of a tyrant may never see preserved in state of the art quality.

Thank you for your time. Happy 30th, Star Wars the movie that started it all!

ok not a tyrant but he is a really big meanie.

As a gesture to those who helped built his empire, lucas should pull some strings and get the original star wars film, unaltered back in theaters this year, maybe just in select areas... that'd be a great treat.