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.: The Lancer DVD Project :. (* unfinished project *)
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1-May-2007, 12:58 PM
the SE footage is there as a placeholder because I havent rendered the other angle yet.

brightness, check, its needs a bit more brightness to match the other CG SE shots later on in the space battle. as I'm not going to replace all the SE shots, I need to key to that really.

everything was rendered out in LW9.2 and comped in Vegas 5.

I'm aiming more for the original shots that the SE replaced with one grand panning move. the originals had NO camera movement and little ship movement. the SE has both so I'm aiming for a middle ground. I think the ships need to move a bit faster in the shot, they're a bit lethargic.

too much motion blur? I'm running at 125% particle blur at the moment, what should I be having for 24fps?

I could do with a plugin that provides random linear movement to the ships to make things look more natural and not like they're running on rails.