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Dantha Fodder
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Should I compress sound?
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1-May-2007, 12:43 AM
Hi all

Need a little help.

I'm rendering my edit out into a DV-AVI file (video) and a stereo wave file (audio) however I'm getting some bad clipping/distortion with the audio in some scenes.

Will a compressor (when applied to the audio track) solve this?

What I also have a problem with, when I watch the finished product, the quieter scenes (such as dialogue scenes) are a little too soft so I have to manually crank up the volume using my remote. The problem is then when the movie gets to a louder scene, the volume is too loud and I have to turn it down!

What's the easiest way to make the quieter parts louder and the louder parts quieter?

Will compression solve this problem too? If so, what type of compressor is the best bet?