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Vancouver vs Dallas
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14-Apr-2007, 4:06 AM
ok dayv when a player knocks our goaltenders helmet off thats clearly contact with the goalie i.e. goalie interference, there were numerous non-calls like that. or when yoru player cross checked sedin into the net on a van PP. there were many instances of that in this game. i'm not say that van deserved the win, they didnt even score a goal. but i jsut hate it when they call penalties like cowans big hit in the first min, and then go back watch tape see they have missed shit and call more bullshit like the bench minor they did on dallas in the third to try to even it up. just let them fucking play and be consistent. don't try to take over the game. the number of dumb calls in the first and the second and the third ruined the flow of the game. they did the same shit in the ducks game on Wednesday. 6 penalties in the first, it ruins the flow of the game, and gets players confused. when you change the way you call it depending on the time in the game its just plain not fair. again good on dallas for the game, nothing against them, they deserved it van played like shit, its the refs i am mad at they were shit. i am also not implying that if the reffing was good van would have won, even then van would probably not have scored, vans problem was bad couching today. why AV just ran 3 lines i will never know. but the bottom line is we will never know what would have happened if the game was refed properly.

P.S.linden was not involved in the play and was on the bench when the goal was scored, therefore not too many men. the arguement was that nasy left the bench to early, and palyers do that all the time. ALL the time dallas, and van. in this case it lead to a goal. and thats why people are mad. it wasnt too many men though.