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***The "Darth Editous" Episode V DVD Info and Feedback Thread*** - a work in progress
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26-Mar-2007, 12:58 PM
Originally posted by: Darth Editous
Here's a screenshot showing 1) the original Emperor 2) my first attempt 3) my new (in-progress) attempt. What do you think?

Emperor evolution


Wow, great stuff.

I like somewhere between #2 and #3. On #3 his irises look a little too 'white' or maybe just look too white since his skin colour change towards sepia - they jump out at me like night of the living dead zombie eyes. (although that could be a good thing?). I like #3 though with the extra darkeness under the hood, and the way that the hood looks less like a tea towel, even if it is a bit far towards soft, I still like it better.
Of course in motion with the flickery effect etc. it probably looks totally different, and the above is just personal opinion.

Just out of interest, why the skin colour change? Most of the holograms tend towards blue-white blowout in the OT (or do they, I've spent so long with my head up my bum on ANH I haven't looked at the other movies for so long in any detail) the last one feels a bit more force ghost than hologram.