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Help: looking for... all the Kenner Toy TV adverts
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21-Mar-2007, 5:08 PM
What I would really love to see are the toy commercials aired on British TV in the early 1980s. I'm fairly sure these aren't on the Kenner collection of ads (partly because the UK toys were manufactured by Palitoy). I might have audio of the commercials on a tape somewhere.

My memory of them is very hazy, but there was one (starting narration: "On board his star destroyer...") that I think had Luke getting tortured by Vader, and then Han on the Falcon swoops in to save the day. This would have been around ESB toy range, probably tying in to the Star Destroyer playset.

I think there was one for Hoth too that was cool. Later on there was a cheesy one with kids racing speeder bikes around the legs of their dining room chairs. Anyone else know what I'm on about?

[And isn't this thread in the wrong section?]