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I'm leaving.
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13-Mar-2007, 2:44 PM
Are you serious? Not just that Jay is leaving, but that no one knows who he is?

I left a long time ago, not because the site was going down but because I didn't have time to post all day anymore. But when I left I missed this community. People like Rikter, Ricarliete, and Chaltab (among many, many others, some of whom I still see posting) made this a place worth checking in. Jay was always in the background.

A while back Jay theorized that with the advent of the DVD's, this site would begin to lose it's purpose and would have to change. I guess he was right.

Sad to see that the that was is disappearing, but thanks, Jay, for making it what it was and for all the good times.

(or is this all just sarcasm that I'm not getting?)