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Getting too old for this sort of thing?
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20-Feb-2007, 1:52 PM
I'm 19. I saw the trilogy on TV in 1996 and the rest is history. I got the 1995 VHS trilogy box and later of course Special Editions. I saw only SW and Empire from the big screens, damn I hated that I missed Jedi. Even when I had SEs and the originals, I still watched the originals from time to time, but I "protected" them so I didn't watch them as often as SEs.

And if you guys think what a kid like me thinks about SEs an PT... Well, at first I thought that the SEs were cool because of better picture and sound quality like they showed in the featurettes before the movie. I didn't focus to the things they changed. Then I heard about Episode I. I thought why would they make more because the story is complete already. But I got excited about it and I even went to see a movie because I knew they'd show TPM trailer for the first time! Man! When I saw The Phantom Menace, I thought it was kind of cool with all these lightsaber fights, but I never ever thought that it was better than any of the originals. As I grew couple of years older, I was maybe 14, I started to hate it. I thought AOTC was as boring and crappy as it is still to me.
And of course, I absolutely hate this Lucas' tinkering and weird stuff he's come to. I want the real theatrical releases on DVD, dammit! Btw, I've been eagerly waiting for X0 for two years now. I'm so happy when it's launched.