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Criterion Collection: Adventures of Baron Munchausen & The Fisher King
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13-Feb-2007, 6:47 PM
The problem with DVD-Lab is that the menu size (or pixel ratio) it wants is different from Encore for some reason, so I'd have to do all of the menus over. I also don't have access to a full version. The labs here actually have Scenarist in them - though I can't actually get a copy for my own computer - but that would also require extensive changes to every menu, and I don't want to read a 600 page manual just to make one damn disc.

My computer is now free of Encore. A very disturbing aspect in all of this is the horseshit support from Adobe. I never once got an answer that didn't place blame on some other vendor's product (cinemacraft, soft encode, windows, athlon, etc, etc). I'm far from the only person who has had problems with this glorified beta software, although my guess is that I stuck with it longer than most. Why are software developers such a touchy lot? I also had the save knee-jerk alibi-filled defense from the guy who authored the junk hd2dvd software that just doubled every 5th frame or whatever it did.

Alright, now I feel better.