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***The ADigitalMan non-Star Wars DVD Info and Feedback Thread***
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13-Feb-2007, 4:07 AM
This thing moves quite well. I watched it with my girl and she didn't even catch that scenes were cut and new scenes inserted. Sure, that could speak to her unfamiliarity with the film, but I think it also speaks to how well this thing was edited that it feels so organic.

There's maybe only TWO edits I caught, and that's only because of shortened music fades. Everything else is done so perfectly that even *I* had a problem catching it, and I suggested half of the edits myself

Not for nothing, but this ranks right up there with some of ADM's best work, if not the best. Maybe I'm biased, but I think that'll hold up.

Still have yet to recieve a PM for the PiF. The DVD-Rom extras (if you're looking to shrink down to single layer, it'd essentially be disc 2) are top notch on top of the feature.