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Criterion Collection: Adventures of Baron Munchausen & The Fisher King
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10-Feb-2007, 7:14 PM
So, I've pretty much given up hope that this version of disc two will compile. It has crashed two computer several times over, so there's no real way it can happen. I even ramped the virtual memory up to 5 gigs ... nuthin'

Plan B is to make each series of slides into a slideshow. This approach is sub-optimal in that, depending on the dvd player, there may be numbers shown on the screen during flipping through them; my Sony player displays an obnoxious blue bar on the top. My hope with going the extra step of making them into menus was that everyone's machine would have displayed the content in the same manner, but that's just not possible.

I have archived all of my source content (4 dvds), so if someone with an extremely fast Intel based computer and Encore wants to give it a shot at some point, let me know, but for right now I'm just going to do it this way.