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Luke Skywalker
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7-Feb-2007, 4:25 PM
since the majority of your replys were nothing more than fluff i will pick apart the two major ones.

Originally posted by: Luke Skywalker
my priorities are interesting aren't they?
i don't see how someone who kills animals as a career has a life anymore worth while than an animal themselves.

Wow, interesting ethic. Now you are becoming even more interesting to me.

So, in your approach to the world, would a person who slaughters poultry for human consumption be as equally evil as a Nazi who had supported and committed genocide in WW2? I’m very curious.

you must be a highschool student to come up with a statement like this.
tell me genius, what do they use seals for mainly?
human consumption?
i think not.

and the reason why the Nazi's committed genocide in the first place?
this has what to do with seals?

thanks for comparing apples and shovels idiot.

Originally posted by: Luke Skywalker
but of course you didnt try and explain yourself did you?
i guess you figured it would have made you seem more cool to post a statement like you did and run off like a coward.

Hmm, well, just what you would like have explained about me? I’m willing to assist.

I’d think it would be obvious that a man, trying to make a living, and probably trying support a family, is of more value than a baby seal. Call me crazy, but I didn’t know I actually needed to say that. Do you feel better now that I have made this opinion of mine clear?

And as for running off as a "coward," perhaps I am one, but I am unaware of how my earlier post in this thread speaks to that. Perhaps you can explain that to me? You know, being the brave, wonderful individual that you are, I’m sure you’ll calmly explain to me all of your clearly rational thoughts.

As for trying to sound “cool,” I’m not sure what you mean by that. If you refer to the brief nature of my post, I did not want to detract from the lighthearted feeling of this thread by initiating a boring discussion within it. I simply thought that expressing my shock over your lack of ethical sense would have been sufficient. Though, I suppose when looking back, I should have anticipated your response.

perhaps maybe this man should try actually doing something productive with that grade 12 education he got. but i see why you feel it necessary to stick up for people with your level of knowledge.

hey if your all about animal slaughter for pointless purposes other than monetary reasons, so be it. but maybe you should use your hands like the animals do. go try that with a bear and let me know how it works out.

in the meantime ill order one Tiptup fur coat.