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Johnny Ringo
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Requiem for a Clone War dream... (2003 series) (* unfinished project * - lots of info)
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2-Feb-2007, 4:53 AM

In short: ‘clone wars’ shorts reworked into a theatrical style feature.

I’m sure this has probably been done before but I thought I’d be a fun project while some other things are on hold. The audience I’m aiming at is…myself, So if I’m happy then I’m happy.

I am however on the lookout for suggestions and such – especially in regards to errors for correcting. For example, I only recently noticed that in chapter 2 when the arc troopers are shot down in the city their gunship is painted red however in other shots it has a blue paintjob.

The things I’ll focus on most are:
The intoduction – I’m not planning to follow the star wars film template exactly but it will follow closely. I’m working on an opening crawl and pan down to the rebublic cruisers approaching muunilist – this will involve rebuilding this shot that was butchered for the dvd release.

Pretty much the whole 1st chapter will be cut up and slotted into more relevant moments later on – The scene in palpy’s office a flasback [in sepia no less], Anakin reflecting after Asajj falls to her death.

Ventress – That’s right, I said falls to her death! I really hated how she just kept showing up in EU canon [oxymoron?] I plan to craft a few new shots from existing footage in order to give her a definite end rather than a vague one. [Don’t get me started on Bobba Fett post sarlaac pit]

Lightsabers – for the most part they look great but there are quite a few shots where the blades look, well, fat and / or the glow just looks odd. – I know it generally fits with the animation style but I intend to rework them where I see fit.

Color correcting – there are a few very minor things but there are a hanful of things I’ve noticed like anakin putting a black glove on his new hand – only in the very next shot he is gloveless again.

Tweaking the finale – I’m tweaking the end shot slightly by adding in 2 jedi starfighters flying into the fray [1 yellow, 1 red J] so that it really does end right at the point where ROTS begins. I’ll also redo the credits to cover both volumes and anything additional.

Music – I quite like the clone wars music, however I’m planning to overly more cues from the films [specifically AOTC and ROTS] I’ve done a few tests so far which sound pretty good.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


In the aftermath of the Geonosis conflict the duty fell to the Knights of the Jedi Order to lead and command the newly formed army of the Republic.

The Confederacy of independent Systems have secretly built huge droid factories and massive warships on Muunilist, Homeworld of the intergalactic banking clan.

As the heat of war grows, Two young Jedi knights have been dispatched to quell this seperatist tthreat and restore peace to the galaxy….

Anyone got anything better than this? It’s just a quick idea and i think it could be more polished.

More details and images to follow…