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Luke Skywalker
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Movie Help Needed
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1-Feb-2007, 11:05 PM
lol wow i love some of these responses. some great flicks mentioned that i've never thought about.

oh ya and about my girlfriend and the movies...
this is a girl who loved Casino and The Lord of the Rings (extended cut) movies...
length, language or gore wont bother her that much..

its things like aliens or ghosts that she doesnt like at all. she will just not watch the movie at all.

as for some movies that we've already seen are Shawshank, Clockwork Orange, Memento, Eraserhead, Tremors, 2001: A Space Odessy, Phantom of the Opera.

we tend to really enjoy bio pics or movies based on true stories.
also anything along the line of Memento, Mulholland Drive, or Lost in Translation. (if that helps)

so far some of the movies on the list are:

Apocolypse Now
Blade Runner
American Psycho
Deer Hunter
The Doors
Big Lebowski

maybe those will give you a better idea of what im looking at.

keep the suggestions coming though. no such thing as a wrong one!