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The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Director's Cut
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22-Jan-2007, 6:00 PM
Originally posted by: OgOggilby

I'm thinking of somehow creating a "Cobbler in a Box" that would take everything ocp has put out and convert it all to MP4 video so it could fit onto two DVD-Rs via a torrent zip file.

I was a bit annoyed to find out that Google Video doesn't let you download the original MP4 videos I uploaded, but rather downscaled and re-compressed versions of those. All this time, I assumed they let you download the originals. This is purely aimed towards those who want to view it on a computer (or iPod/PSP), but very high quality.

Heh, now you know why I asked you for those materials from your "alternative recobbled cut" edit a while back. I want to make my own cut for personal use, combining what I see as the best elements from your cut and Garret's. I certainly wish that I could just download them from Google. Could you possibly break the files up into sections and put them up for download at some download websites? Many of those sites allow up to 300mb files.

I just don't trust torrents, sorry - the process is very slow for me and it seems that it's like opening your computer up to malicious software. It seems safer to download something from just one website.