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Luke Skywalker
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22-Jan-2007, 11:34 AM
Originally posted by: C3PX
Originally posted by: Luke Skywalker
Originally posted by: StarTrooper3000
Originally posted by: Moth3r
Originally posted by: ZigFried
I'm leaving this forum,
Yay! \o/

WHAT?! Why in the world are you saying yay?? This person left because they were feeling insulted! Probably from people like you! WTH. And you're a forum moderator? Or is that some name you made up?

i hope your next.

Yay! \o/

Is that aimed at Moth3r or StarTrooper?

I am sorry Zig feels he has to leave, but the offending incendent he mention happened about two months ago. His point in leaving seems to be more about our lack of interest in video games and extreme interest in movies.

Whatever the reason, these goodbye threads get annoying. Seems like we get one a month, then whoever posts them always comes back again, or takes years to leave. It is very often a cry for attention. I can see why Moth3r responded as he did. But perhaps it is not the best exhibit of behavior for a moderator. Feels like the moderator kind of gave up on this place after the rift, back when everybody felt that pissing on the mods was the cool thing to do. Every other post was a complaint at the mods for the way they handled the FE situation. Personally I think their behavior in that situation was fair enough, but since that time I rarely see them post at all, where as it felt like they were fairly active members of this community before that.

that was for starshiptrooper.
i dont see why people have to get so bent out of shape when someone decides to leave. the majority of the time i think they just want us all to say.... "NOOOO, don't go! your going to be missed, and your such a great part of this community." Well if people on this forum hurt your feelings then by all means i encourage you to leave. If this place isnt your cup of tea then find some other place that is.

Nobody should be forced to stay. Therefore stop getting angry when people decide to leave.