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Johnny Ringo
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Episode II: Shroud of the Dark Side (the TM edit) (Released)
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15-Jan-2007, 8:09 AM
Well, I think one of the keys to dubbing animation is to over act a little since regardless of the quality of animation you just don't have the subtle nuances of facial expression. Or body language to convey the entirety of what you are saying. - this of course doesn't really count facial motion capture [or films where Tom Hanks plays every single character...]

i guess the best recourse is to try some scenes at various levels and see what fits best. Voice acting is quite an art and there are a lot of profesionals that just don't seem to have it right.

Glad to see you are taking the Criticisms seriously as you are putting so much into this project as a whole yet the previous attempts at dubbing Anakin were somewhat lacking and lets face it - Distracting at best. The new attempt is much improved and if you go on as you are now I think you've got a winning formula.

Kinda like the reverse of George here, You tried something, it was kind of awkward, people were honest with you about it and now you are working to improve it

sidenote - anyone seen the English dubbed version of Night Watch? I was amased at how well it was dubbed. I've seen great films ruined by terrible dubbing and hopefully SOTDS WONT be one of those.

At the end of the Day this really just has to make 1 person happy but for listening you have my support, and i'm sure just about everybody now.