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Superman II - The Booshman Cut (Released)
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7-Jan-2007, 1:19 AM
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14-Aug-2020, 10:50 AM
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Its PAL, 104 mins, single layer DVD with 5.1 audio.

Here’s the scene order:

Donner cut recap (with a few of the poorer effects shots of the PZ removed) and I cut straight from the PZ drifting in space to SM chasing the rocket.

Credits from STM intercut with Donner cut for a few credits + earth approach at the end.

Daily planet intro from Donner cut. No Lois jumping out the window.

Lex in prison from the donner cut

Moon sequence as in Donner cut with control room trimmed slightly.

Lex escapes from prison as in Donner cut.

Arrival at Niagra Falls as in Donner cut.

Lex in the fortress from the Donner cut. Cut from outside to “its fantastic”. Toilet joke also removed. Fade from Lex’s monologue about the villains into Lex Heads South deleted scene.

Niagra Falls rescue from Donner cut up till the boy falls then Lester for the superior music. A lot of trimmed dialogue also.

Villains land from Donner cut. “such a strange surface” line removed.

Lois jumps in the river. Some dialogue trimmed.

Ursa burns the snake. As in Donner cut but without her being bitten, she ust picks it up, throws it down and burns it.

Pink bear. Some dialogue trimmed.

East Houston cops face the villans from the Donner cut. “Holy skunk sweat” removed. Zod takes the gun of the cop a super speed, no floating gun.
Superman flies Lois to the FOS from Donner cut,

Superman shows Lois the green crystal. Lois’ reactions and bad dialogue trimmed.

East Housten battle from Donner cut.

Superman and lois have dinner. Lois’ bad dialogue trimmed again.

Zods “your lands” speech from donner cut, with fall of washington monument.

Depowering scene from Donner cut intercut with Lois reactions from Lester (recoloured where needed). Lois painted out for distance shots of Brando. Sound from Lester used during depowering leading into Lesters “just say you love me”.

Whitehouse attack from Donner cut. Bullet hits added. Lester sound used in the oval room. Ursa “ribbons” dialogue removed.

Dons Diner from Donner cut.

Lex makes deal with the villains. Starts with Lex at the door, dialogue of Zod being bored cut.

Repowering starts with lesters up until crystal is found where Lois left it, then Donner footage.

Villans attack the DP from Donner cut until SM turns up then Lester/ Donner Comination. “care to step outside” is used.

Metropolis battle. Donner/Lester Combo. Lester score restored in some places. Reaction shots are all Donner.

Villains go back to the DP as in Donner cut.

Villains fly to the FOS from Donner cut.

Villains enter the Fortress deleted scene. With bad effect replaced.

Villains in the fortress as in Donner cut with Lester score restored from the hand crush. Sweat patch also painted out.

Superman and Lois talk outside the FOS. Destruction of the FOS removed.

SM and Lois talk on the balcony as in the Donner cut.

Revenge on the Diner bully.

Flag scene. With fountain fixed.

Flyby and credits from Donner cut.

The deleted scenes I used have had as much dirt removed as possible and been recoloured .

Although Lois still realizes Clark is SM very early on,through the editing I have done she doesn’t give the game away too quick and it is SM arrival at Niagra Falls that gives her the confidence to bet her life on her hunch. I also think Lois nowing Supermans identity at the works very well.

Here’s the opening credits

and the depowering scene

here’s the depowering scene (smaller file size)

and the villains face the East Housten cops/flag scene

Now available for download on just search for the name of this thread.

*anyone using mininova, there is now a “fixed” version of tha torrent, please use this as the other one won’t work. Torrent also now available on Demonoid.