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The Mono Mix Restoration Project (Released)
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4-Jan-2007, 7:40 AM
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I thought it was about time that this project had a dedicated thread…

The mono mix is an alternative sound mix for the original Star Wars film, created after the initial Dolby 6-track and Dolby Stereo mixes. There are several differences from the first two mixes in effects and dialogue content, and some consider the mono mix to be the “definitive” or most complete mix heard during the film’s theatrical run.

The history of the original sound mixes and details of how the mono mix was created can be found here:

A page demonstrating some of the differences in content can be found here:

A few of the elements from the mono mix were used in the creation of the THX-certified digitally remastered mix that features on the 1993 Definitive Collection laserdisc set and the 2006 DVD release. A list of these elements can be found here:

The mono mix has never been officially released on any home video format, and the only sources known to date are bootleg telecine copies of a theatrical print and recordings of the film from European TV broadcasts in the 1980s (specifically from the UK and Denmark). No high-quality sources have yet been located.

The aim of this restoration project is to draw from all available sources and use digital clean-up techniques to create a complete audio file that best recreates the original theatrical presentation of this mix.

The audio is to be synched with the video from the 2006 DVD release, so that fans may create their own custom DVD by substituting the 1993 Dolby Surround mix found on the official DVD with the restored mono mix.