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How Do I Do This?
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23-Dec-2006, 3:55 AM
All right, I think I want to try my own hand at a fan-edit. My edit is simple: fix the ending of Bakshi's LOTR movie. The DVD by Warner Bros has changed the ending. The original ending ended with Gandalf throwing his sword into the air, there's a scene which pauses, and a narrative says "So ends the first part of the War of the One Ring," fade to credits.

The Region 1 DVD changes the audio--there is a new ending narration, beginning when Gandalf throws his sword into the air, explaining that the good guys eventually win. This narration ends just before the pause, so I feel its a little jarring.

All I want to do is switch out the audio so the film has its original ending.

How do I do this?

Has this already been done?

Thanks in advance.