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Dominoes or Pizza Hut?
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22-Dec-2006, 3:58 AM
Originally posted by: Gaffer Tape
Geez, screw all of you. I voted for Dominos! A lot of Saturdays when I'm at school, I drive down the street to the local Dominos and get a pineapple pizza and breadsticks and chow down in my apartment. Good Saturday. I notice I'm not the only Dominos voter, so why aren't the rest of you (that one other guy) speaking up?!

That was me, I was too busy to respond at the time, so I just voted and came back.

I've never been a fan of the sauce that Pizza Hut insists on using, and every time I get a pizza it always has too much of this sauce for my taste. Might just be a few bad links in the chain, but every Dominos pizza I have gotten is perfect.

I'd choose Little Caesar's if it was an option as well, though they pulled out of the south a few years ago, the only one I know of within 200 miles is the one inter-twined with the run-down K-Mart in Lumberton, which is a considerable drive.

Edit: looking at the store finder, I was correct. :-p