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Obi Jeewhyen
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My First YAGE
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20-Dec-2006, 10:44 PM
Yeah, how about that? I'm fond of places where no one gets their feelings hurt. What a concept!!

That said, I find Stinky to be mostly funny, too. And Rob as well. Many of their comments to me crossed the line from funny to majorly rude. And I've never read such stuff from them before or since. I'm sorry to have pissed them off with my stance on nuclear weapons, the JFK assassination and liberal politics in general. But the fact is that my honestly held opinions would continue to piss them off, and while my feelings were not hurt in the least ... I just don't want to deal with hostility when it's completely unnecessary.

I'm sorry I did indeed miss your point about Star Wars fans. I have to disagree, however. I don't think most of them will be talking about Star Wars forever. Only time will tell.