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Obi Jeewhyen
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My First YAGE
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20-Dec-2006, 3:00 PM
And skyman ... yeah, I quit the JFK thread on the first sign of it devolving into name-calling. That's not what I want to be involved in. I didn't have to let that one go on to two pages of vile insults. The first sign was enough.

I'm the one who gets to decide what threads I want to participate in. And I don't want to participate in nasty, name-calling threads. That's my choice. I have political discussions day in and day out on other message boards that don't devolve into insults. I see no need to post in discussions that can't remain civil. It's got nothing to do with the subject matter or what I have to say about it. But political discussion should be held between adults, and not name-calling four-year-olds.

If you see my departure from mud-slinging threads as a retreat on subject matter, then best wipe the mud from your own spectacles.