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Obi Jeewhyen
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My First YAGE
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20-Dec-2006, 1:46 PM
I really don't get how no-personal-attacks is "too many rules." It's the most common message board rule on the internet.

I've been posting here since August, and reading almost every post ... I'll acknowledge having missed some, but I don't recall that many personal attacks on anyone except Go-Mer. I didn't like them applied to Go-Mer either. There's just no call for it. (And yes, I'll admit to calling him a troll.)

As for not reading Stinky's posts after he started insulting me, why the frell should I? It wasn't like I didn't state my position on the topic six times before that. Nothing was going to change. I'd read his points, and responded with civility. Once he started insulting me, I feel no need to continue the conversation that wasn't going anywhere anyway. But running away??? Um, it's a message board thread. Not responding anymore (after half a dozen nearly identical responses) is simply getting out of a thread I no longer wish to participate in. I like participating in discussion, and I don't like participating in bitch sessions. It's my choice as to which I participate in, and when a thread starting as the former becomes the latter, I can stop participating if I so desire.

And the thing is, I know LOTS of Star Wars nerds in real life. My friends are the people who line up for 6 weeks for the Hollywood openings of the films. Those are some pretty die-hard Star Wars nerds, and not an immature, name-calling, disrespectful soul in the bunch. It's doing a disservice to Star Wars fans to allege they are like Rob and Stinky. In fact, I've read those two described several times (well, perhaps by the same poster, I'm not sure) as the resident trolls.. WTF? Why would there be resident trolls? What does that say about this place?

To the extent the folks around here think that banning trolls and moderating name-calling & personal attacks is Too Many Rules, I submit you are over-reacting to the norms of message boards on the net.