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Obi Jeewhyen
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My First YAGE
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19-Dec-2006, 8:04 PM
Hehehe, the only place I'm at is in my own YAGE thread. No one forces you to click on it. However, I understand the impetus behind 'leave already' and 'drama queen,' etc. That's the entire POINT of a YAGE thread, and why they are so disfavored.

I don't like nazi-moderated forums either. Like most things in life, something of a balance is usually best. Zero moderation is just as unappealing to me as over-moderation. Perhaps because I moderate with a very light touch on other message boards, the complete lack of moderation here is unacceptable to me.

I would have spent a lot of time deciding whether or not Go-Mer is a troll. He would have had quite a few Private Messages from me to get more information, and let him know what line could not be crossed.
Needless to say, Rob and Stinky would have gotten some messages, too. Personal attacks is one of the common taboos on message boards, and it's really not over-moderating to discourage them.

Perhaps it is a silly veil to allow "your crazy views are retarded" but disallow "you are a crazy retard" ... yet it's a distinction I feel very important in order to encourage a community that is not hostile. By now, Rob and Stinky would have received warnings and a short suspension. Stinky's Drama Queen post above would have had me laughing (as it does), with no moderator action taken. And Rob's calling someone a "crazy retard" after warnings and suspensions would have had him permanently banned.

If that's over-moderating, then you are all welcome to the wild-west community you seem to have. It's a testament to - well, something - that it hasn't degenerated to all-out nastiness and feuding around here. But "crazy" as my viewpoints may be (OMG, anti-nuclear weapons!!! What total freakishness!!!), I don't like being personally insulted for every post I make expressing those views.

And since there's no moderation on this board, I'll post in this YAGE thread as long as I please.

Don't worry, though ... just as I got bored sparring with Rob and Stinky, I'll soon get completely bored with YAGEing. Neither trading insults nor YAGEing are my style. I'll tire of the YAGE soon enough.