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Obi Jeewhyen
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My First YAGE
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15-Dec-2006, 6:17 PM
Heheh, yeah some of stinky's lines were funny. I'm not without a sense of humor. I included all of them, funny or not, to demonstrate a pattern. "You're a fucking moron" is not comedic gold.

And, hmmm, I was alive for the moonlanding and JFK's assassination. I would tell you what I think about the moonlanding if I wasn't constantly insulted for my opinions, and I would participate in any discussion that stayed civil. But that time is past.

As to preaching ... I'm directing it, by name , to the people who do - in my view - need a lesson in manners. I'm not preaching to anyone else. Most people here behave perfectly well. If I haven't mentioned your screenname, then - - well, my comments are not directed at you.

It's not bad advice, though. And it can't hurt anyone to be reminded that namecalling is childish and rude, and ALL CAPS is considered rude on the 'net.

Oooops, there, I said it again. I'm repeating myself, so I'm hardly Mr. Perfect.

It's part of the grand YAGE tradition that the YAGER post in their YAGE thread long after they're supposed to have YAGED. I'm sorry if you're unaware of the traditions. Consider this a Yagication.