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The Bizzle
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Superman II Donner, and III & IV extended edits
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7-Dec-2006, 2:03 PM
The spinning around the world in SII WON'T tie it with SR. No sir, no.

I just explained how it would. Explain how it won't. It's not a complicated concept at all. It's pretty instinctive, actually, and overtly simple. not quite complicated at all.

Again, I don't understand how the kiss ties into Superman Returns better than "I humped Lois BEFORE I lost my powers, and then spun the world back to a couple hours after Superman The Movie, and then left, leaving Lois pregnant and with a very, VERY fuzzy vague recollection that anything happened at all."

That sets up her hooking up with Richard very perfectly (superman wasn't actually in her life very long by that reckoning, so it's no longer weird that she'd latch onto Richard so quickly after Superman leaves--Superman was all of what, a week in her life at that point, as she figures it?) The pregnancy, the reason she'd believe Richard was the father, the reason the kid has half Superman's powers, and gives Lex enough time to con his way out of jail and make it up to the Fortress on his own time.

The Kiss doesn't even APPROACH answering any of these questions if you're trying to link II and Returns.