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Superman II Donner, and III & IV extended edits
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7-Dec-2006, 12:27 AM
But your point that it matters where Superman is in those flicks when time is reversed is merely an assumption.

No it's not, or at least no more so than your assumptions in this debate here. Film is a pretty visual medium. I'm thinking we'd SEE Superman moving backwards, reversing his actions, if we were to think his position in time being run back was the same as everyone else's. Since we don't, since we see EVERYONE ELSE moving in reverse BUT Superman, the film is telling us something. That's not assumption, that's using the filmic evidence. Just as it's not an assumption that in the movie, turning the world backwards reverses time. Which is why I'm confused as to why you're bringing up Back to the Future--because we're not talking Back to the Future, we're talking about the rules set up in Superman The Movie.

And why would I have to prove that Lois was pregnant in I or II? It seems like a weird sidetrack to get caught in. I'm not trying to justify SR's existence as a movie, the point of the discussion I jumped in was to talk about people WHO ARE trying to tie SR to Superman II via their fan edit specifically, and provide them options they're not considering. So that's where I'm coming from. You seem to not like the idea at all, so I'm unsure as to why you're even in the argument, or trying to rebut arguments for people trying to link the two with their fan edits, since your solution negates the entire conversation completely. Which is kinda counterproductive as far as the people actually trying to link the two. I'm just providing an angle to tie the two movies together rather easily without having to use the wholly insipid "Magic Kiss."

I've already said I think my preferred Fan Edit of II would end with Superman flying away and trusting Lois to keep the secret, no magic kiss OR time reversal. But for the purposes of the conversation about linking II with SR via fan-edit, I think you could do it pretty easily, and with very little muss or fuss, by keeping the spinning the world back.