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Dantha Fodder
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Sluggo's Star Wars Trailer Contest *Next contest begins April 25th*
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28-Nov-2006, 11:16 PM
Originally posted by: Sluggo

The Prizes:
-First prize: 50 bucks. (I cleared this with one of the mods, if this is a problem, I'll change it)
-Second prize: A stack of 25 re-writable printable DL DVDR's for your future fun projects (I can provide SL instead if the winner is so inclined)
-Third prize: A stack of printed (with case) Star Wars edits, including the Slumberland prequel trilogy, the ADM prequel trilogy and the OCP Classic Editions.

Hehe, I think 3rd prize sh*ts all over first and second prize (but hey, that's just me).