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Johnny Ringo
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Hey guys, Remember when Star wars had writing like this?
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26-Nov-2006, 8:57 PM
Be careful guys. Maybe for the super special edition of Empire George will bring in Frank Oz to redo yoda's dialogue more in line with 'his original vision'...

I actually don't really like Yoda in the PT. Part of it is the over the top backwards speak that fails to maek much sense or impact. And part of it is the fact he's now an action hero. We shouldnt have seen him with a lit saber at all imo.

didn't the fx guys pretty much convince George that they could do a fully 3d yoda? I wish they'd played that down a bit. What did George have in store for us before he was swayed to use this new digital yoda...?

and keep in mind that the Empire script passed through many [writers] hands, they really wasn't any sort of George filter on the PT scripts. Just a bunch of yesmen.

Palpy: At last the Jedi are no more!
Yoda: Not if anything to say about it i have...
Palpy : wtf? English dood!