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Dantha Fodder
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***The "Darth Editous" Episode IV DVD Info and Feedback Thread*** - a partially "de-specialed" DVD
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20-Nov-2006, 1:38 AM
Originally posted by: Darth Editous
So what are people's biggest problems with the colours in Ep IV? The Tantive IV, obviously, and the first shots of Tatooine, but any other shots that you'd like to see corrected?

Two specific shots really annoy me.

It counts as being on the Tantive IV, when it cuts to a rear shot of the two or three Stormtroopers chasing the Rebel soldiers up the hall way and the scene fills with smoke and dissolves to R2 and 3PO cowering in the door way, preparing to cross the hall. The shot is way too green.

The other is the scene of the twin sun's setting. In the original, the scene was more bright and didn't seem to be too late in the afternoon/evening. However on the 2004 DVD's its way too dark and (I know this may sound a little weird) but it actually effects the emotion of that scene for me. The original brightness/contrast of that shot and the time of day in which it was shot, for some reason has a great nostalgic emotion on me (even in real life). So for me personally, that scene definitely needs fixing.