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Opinion Poll on Go-Mer-Tonic
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7-Nov-2006, 11:02 PM
There is no doubt that this site has become choked by posts from Go-Mer-Tonic. If it was my site, I would have banned you for that alone. But it's not, and untill the number of visits a day drops to the point where the revenue stream dwindles to making the site unprofitable, I guess the site owners are happy for the focus to shift from the OT to Go-Mer.

I used to like popping in each day to see what OT discussion may be taking place, by a bunch of people that happened to share some sort of love of the OT. Maybe the chance to learn something new about the OT that I hadn't read before, or even something that explains some point in the PT that helps me enjoy that mess just a little better. Not everyone agreed with stuff. They usually said their piece, maybe had some sparring back and forth in that relevant thread, and other threads continued on as normal.

Now almost everytime I log in here, the last post on multiple threads is by Go-Mer....and my interest in wading through his shit just evaporates, and I log out of the forum and go somewhere else on the 'net. I have no doubt that you should be banned, as you are indeed sucking the life out of this forum. I'm not sure if that is your intention, but the posts you make and the sheer number of them, mean that you have become the theme of the site.