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Johnny Ringo
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Idea: a possible Red Dwarf fan film...
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30-Oct-2006, 7:19 PM
So I've been watching season 7 [again] and I feel there are a LOT of moments that are a little lame from trying to take the joke too far, There are also a few cases where you might successfully mute out the audience laughing that doesn't overlap dialogue. There are a fair few average scenes that may well be good if you can tighten them up a bit and trim the fat. We dont need to see Kryten dancing around after he's delivered a punchline to get the joke.


I still recommend dropping all the eps in a blender and combining the best bits into a fresh story. granted that wont be easy. In any case I'm willing to help out in whatever capacity I can - regardless of whether you take my suggestions on board.


The Good
Tikka To Ride // Ouroboros // Epideme // Nanarchy


The Bad

Stoke Me A Clipper
is just all round bad. it could have worked well if they'd done things differently, one one hand I like the 'Rimmer finds his own destiny' but loather the fact that there's a hole in the show without him that Kochanski comes nowhere close to filling.

Duct Soup
isn't really that bad I just don't like it - the whole season started gearing towards Krytens feelings over Lister and Kochanski. I prefer when the show was about
1 The last man alive
2 the wacky adventures the guy got into.
I got the sense that all they did all season was sit around in Starbugs kitchen...even tho they didnt. And DS amplifies that for me...It also feels like a bit of a rehash of much better episodes like 'marooned'

Beyond A Joke
Cringe worthy at best, what with 'Jane Austin world'. It could have been really good if it were all about Kryten 'blowing his stack' / the crew trying to save him / and the stuff with Able and the simulant. The whole AR thing really put me off a bit. And other episodes made hilarious use of the AR unit.

This episode could have been good, but again suffers from trying to be about Kryten vs Kochanski - rather than Lister Missing Rimmer. Maybe in trimmed down / edited fashion this could work and might allow for insertion of more 'flashback clips' using classic moments between Lister and Rimmer from earlier seasons.


How about something like this...

Teaser - Something compelling with a cliffhanger
Main titles - i suggest scrapping anything that refers to it as season 7 or shows shots that will be ommited. Maybe use some slow mo shots of starbug.
Act 1 Introduce the main characters
Act 2 the high point of the story.
Act 3 Resolution of course. make sure all the questions are asnwere. I hate when movies don't do this.

consider using a fresh name? I guess red dwarf works fine as the ship itself does feature towards the end.

The season 7 title music is too upbeat for a

Maybe have

fade in from black - Lister appears before JFK "I have a strange tale to tell"
opening titles - slow sprawling space sequence with slow / deep theme with title credits.
Lister and JFK discuss the assassination...
Titlecard '3 years earlier'
the assassination intro and the boys fro the drawf beam in to the book depository.

-obviously this omits the reason why they are there...maybe flashbacks? just tossing ideas out there...
-also keep in mind that the JFK plotline needs to be resolved early on because the JMC doesn't exist in the altered future...
- what about a paradox, where we only show the 'no curry' intro after the other stuff, only this time lister realises what to do rather than travel back in time. [teleport the curry as seen in the xtended ending] - that might make things counfusing tho.