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Will those who hate the SE OT and bought the OOT DVD's..
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29-Oct-2006, 2:05 PM
I finall got around to sending the 2004 S.E. discs back to Lucasfilm. I stuffed all three discs in one paper CD sleeve and stuck it in an envelope.

I attached a short note. I decided there was no benefit in being vitriolic, but I got straight to the point.


Thank you for releasing the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD. I'll not be needing these discs as I have no interest in the revised films.

I hope a full restored, anamorphic release of the original films will be considered. I would certainly be among the first in line to purchase that release. If not, this will probably be my first and last purchase of Star Wars DVDs.

Thank you again,
Flint, MI