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Johnny Ringo
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Idea: a possible Red Dwarf fan film...
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26-Oct-2006, 8:38 AM
I got it! slap an 'h' on her forehead

tikka to ride impressions...

- if yr considering doing a stand alone / theatrical style presentation then the intro is a LOT of info to take in. and not entirely necessary. and it only provides a minor laugh...also the remastered space shots still don't look too great. - the shots at the start i mean. some of the other space shots look nice. I'd drop the whole ship expanding / instability plotline.

- Re: the x-tended scene where lister explains how he worked it out and Rimmer tricks him into detaching the rear section. I'd suggest you use it at the very end of the story as a sort of resolution [providing it works with the other episodes] - Although IF you do make sure you DONT include any early shots of curry debris.