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Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas (Complete) - (Released)
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14-Oct-2006, 2:52 AM
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14-Aug-2020, 11:26 AM
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Hi all! Thanks to the site redesign, I was finally able to change my (forgotten) password, and update you all on this project.



original film name: Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas
film studio name: Jim Henson
Date Original Film Was Released: 1977 (v1, HBO) / 1980 (v2, ABC)
Date Edit Was Released: (late) March 2008
Original Runtime: 50 min (each version)
New Runtime: 53 min
Amount of time Cut/Added: +3 minutes
Cuts added/altered (stuff not on the official “V2” releases):
-Kermit’s opening restored (previously only on older “V2” releases)
-Kermit’s narration before “Bathing Suit” song restored
-Emmet and Ma sing the entire “Bathing Suit” song! (unique to this version)
-“pass the hat to fish” dialogue restored
-“fall off the dock” dialogue restored
-“I’m rowin’, where’s the singin’” dialogue before “Washtub” song restored
-Kermit’s narration about the morning snow restored
-“we’re off to a shaky start” dialogue restored
-Kermit’s last segment restored
-fade-in to final scene and incidental music restored
-original copyright info during end credits restored
-V2’s extended “Washtub” and “River Meets The Sea” (reprise) left in
-V2’s curtain close, bunny dance, etc…all left in

DVD - Features:

  • 53 minutes, NTSC
  • static (but nice!) chapter menus
  • bonus anniversary footage

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original:
There are two different versions of the “Emmet Otter” TV special: The first was shown on HBO (released as a Muppet Video VHS), while the other appeared on ABC and official video releases (Columbia Tri-star being its first DVD release). Each edit has something that the other doesn’t, with the second, more common version deleting some memorable material. On top of that, the most recent (HIT Entertainment) V2 DVD release (which provides V1-only material in a Bonus Clips section) was forced (by Disney, recent re-owners of the Muppet Show related Muppets) to remove all traces of Kermit from their product. To remedy all of this, I’m combining all of the footage to seamlessly (as possible) create the longest, most complete version of this memorable Muppet Christmas special (which is currently being made into a stage musical).

Be sure to buy HIT Entertainment’s official DVD of “Emmet Otter”, which was created with respect and care for the material, plus plenty of bonus features, including bloopers, lost music, and a full-length documentary (none of which I will be using for my DVD). HIT owns the non-Muppet Show and non-Sesame Street related Muppets, and has also released the excellent Fraggle Rock series box sets. They deserve your support. (Oh, and the original book’s pretty neat, too.)


Hello, all. I tried this last year, but a faulty hard drive destroyed it. But I must try again, this has to be done. I’m thinking of making a complete version of this classic Muppet holiday special from the late '70’s, using three different sources:
A) Version 1 Edit, 1970’s (fan’s DVD transfer of original HBO broadcast)
B) Version 2 Edit, 1980’s (released by Columbia/TriStar)
C) Version 2 ReEdit with Version 1 clips as separate bonuses (released last year by HIT)
Disney wouldn’t allow HIT to include any Kermit clips on its recent DVD version, which inspired this project. Everything unique to each of the original two edits will be combined to make an ultimate version. My fan edit DVD will not include any of the bonus documentaries that appeared on the HIT DVD, because I refuse to rip off the efforts that HIT put into making a quality official release that any real fan should buy without hesitation (My disc will be a supplement to that release). To put this together, I would need a program to rip (any and all kinds of) DVD files into workable AVI’s, and I’d have to edit it all in Adobe Premiere, so any advice or help with this is welcome. I would also enjoy any Emmet Otter documentaries that predate the HIT collection, which I could also throw onto the disc.
P.S. If anyone has a complete CBS or ABC copy of the also-butchered Muppet Family Christmas TV special, I could use your help in restoring that as well.