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Invader Jenny
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Does anyone here watch Family Guy? They do a ton of SW spoofs!
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28-Sep-2006, 2:30 PM
Originally posted by: JennyS1138
I've gotten into that show over the past year and have caught up watching the DVD's. They've had some fabulous SW references including:

-Peter Griffin flashes back to the time he saved Luke Skywalker. They show Han Solo cut open his belly on Hoth. His guts come out and Peter says, "oh don't worry, it's only fat."

I have seen every family guy episode, but apparently I have missed that one! Holy cow!

Another great scene is from the episode where Peter publishes his Peterotica books, and a summons is brought to Mr. Puetershmidtt and he drops the lawyer in the the Rancor Pit. The lawyer excapes in the exact sam way that Luke does.
"Hmm...I didn't realize that Goldstein was a Jedi name."