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What SE changes (if any) did people like?
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17-Sep-2006, 9:13 AM
Originally posted by: iamstillhiro1112
I don't think anyone could be suprised to see what Jabba looks like at this point. Maybe in 87, but Jabba is a culture icon now. Even people who don't watch these all the time know what he looks like. So seeing him in Episode 1 and 4 don't seem to kill anything.

I really dislike the added Jabba scene in the SE, and not only for the obvious and poorly executed CGI either.

In my opinion Han would have managed to get off Tatooine WAY before Jabba even got the chance to catch up with him.

In fact, I don't think Han would be careless enough to leave any trails to allow Jabba to discover where the Falcon was docked.
Han was better than that!

Just another thing to mess up Han's character, and is right up there with the 'Greedo shoots' scene for me!